Maternity Nurse

With many years’ experience working in the NHS as a midwife. I can now offer a personal maternity service for families.

The first few weeks with a new born baby can be very difficult and tiring for new parents. Especially when family do not live close or you are having twin or triplets.

As a maternity nurse I will help you to get into a good routine so you can have time to relax and enjoy the first few weeks with your baby.

  • I can advise you on feeding; breast feeding,bottle feeding and expressing milk,
  • Clothing baby,
  • Safety in the home.
  • I will also help to prepare feeds, or light snacks for mother. 
  • I will show you how to bath your baby and make his nursery a calm environment.


Welcome home package


Help to get some much needed sleep in those first few days and get baby into a good routine. 

I will come to you when you arrive home from hospital and stay for the first three days.

24 hour help and support will give you an excellent start so you can enjoy your baby.

Contact me for more information and cost.

Booking a service.

Call today; to find out how a Night Nanny or Maternity Nurse could help you.


Telephone:07539 228095


We can plan a a bespoke package to suit your family’s needs. Anything from one to five nights/days per week. 


We can offer fixed or rolling contracts.

All figures quoted are gross;  Night Nannies and Maternity Nurses are self employed &  responsible for their own tax and national insurance.

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