Night Nanny/Maternity Nurse Nights

As babies are born nocturnal-sleep deprivation in the first few weeks can play havoc with our cognitive behavior, our hormones and our emotions.


As a night nanny I aim to support you through the night enabling you to catch up on some rest; this will ensure you are fully rested and able to function better the next day.


Typically as a night nanny I would work ten hours  from 9 pm-7 am or 10 pm - 8 am.


I am happy to be contacted between nights for advice if required.


Night nanny service is suitable for babies from birth to six months.


Duties as your night nanny will include:

  • Night feeds – depending on whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, you may want me to wake you so that you are able breastfeed your baby or you may wish to be taught how to express in order for me to feed the baby, either way I will support your decision.
  • Change baby’s nappy and care for any other hygiene requirements.
  • Settle your baby to sleep.
  • Prepare and sterilize your baby’s bottles or any other equipment you may be using.
  • Prepare formula feeds for the night. I only give bottles I have prepared myself.
  • Preparing you a drink and/or light snack – should you be breastfeeding your baby.
  • Should you wish a light breakfast can be prepared for you in the morning.
  • Top and Tail baby in the morning and dress for the day.
  • I will be available in the morning to give you a small brief on how the night went. I also keep a Nanny Log of the feeds/changing during the night.
  • Advising on effective winding methods with colic and reflux babies.
  • Advising on current sleep guidelines, temperatures, how to position and dress baby for sleep without the risk of overheating.
  • Advice on feeding twins and triplets in order to have a routine.
  • Advice on cord care, tongue tied, circumcision, sibling’s behavior around the newborn.
  • Nanny Owl Sarah Homan will only position baby to sleep on his/her backs as advised by latest government and NHS advice.

Night Nanny Fee 2017

Sarah Homan

No agency fee.

  • Single baby - £150*-£160 per night - ten hours - *discount for multiple nights booked.
  • Twins - from £170* - £180 per night - ten hours - *discount for multiple nights booked. 

Booking a service.

Call today; to find out how a Night Nanny or Maternity Nurse could help you.


Telephone:07539 228095


We can plan a a bespoke package to suit your family’s needs. Anything from one to five nights/days per week. 


We can offer fixed or rolling contracts.

All figures quoted are gross;  Night Nannies and Maternity Nurses are self employed &  responsible for their own tax and national insurance.

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