Sleep Coaching & Trouble Shooting

Do you want help with your baby or child's sleep?

I can help your family to get more sleep.

Sleep problems can be difficult for parents to solve; they are suffering the effects of sleep deprivation and can often find it difficult to see a way forward.

A sleep consultation will identify the problems and together we will devise a plan to solve these problems.  We will use gentle techniques that work for your baby/toddler.

Home Consultation - £150

For babies over six months, toddlers and school aged children.

  • Initially you will receive a questionaire and sleep diary via email.  You are asked to complete these prior to the home consultation.
  • I will come out to your home to meet you and your baby or toddler.   The Consultation will take from 1-2 hours. We will discuss the questionaire  and chat about your baby/toddlers sleep problems.
  • At the home consultation I will also explain about infant/child sleep expectations, sleep cycles and sleep associations.  We will discuss various methods of sleep training and what might work best for your family.
  • Following our meeting I will device a Step-by-Step Plan to help you resolve your sleep problems.  This bespoke plan is developed specifically for your child and family. 
  • The plan will be sent to you via email or mail.
  • Three review telephone calls to discuss and assess your progress with the Plan.
  • Email and text support as required.

This service can also be used for trouble shooting for baby routine problems, feeding or toilet training problems.

This service may be valuable if you have a baby with colic or reflux.  I will offer your advice on feeding, nap times and ways of reducing the effects of the pain/symptoms that baby is experiencing.

Overnight Consultation - £240

For babies over six months, toddlers and school aged children

As above plus:

I will visit you at baby or toddler’s bedtime and stay until 7 am the following morning.  We will decide on what method of sleep training is best for your child.  I will help you to develop good sleep associations and break any habits that are preventing sleep.


For Home and Overnight Consultations, a £50  booking deposit is required to secure the appointment date.

An additional charge applies to consultations for more than one child. Please ask for further details.

Booking a service.

Call today; to find out how sleep coaching could work for your family.


Telephone:07539 228095

All figures quoted are gross;  sleep consultants and maternity nurses are self employed &  responsible for their own tax and national insurance.

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